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All change

September 16, 2009

New boss at work ? Changes in the corp ? What does it all mean ?
Meanwhile, the dog at home stays in for hours, and accomplishes a clean sheet, literally. Other homies getting to grips with change too. NAMA sucks us dry for generations. We need a revolution. 6m people in Birmingham. 6 MPs. Ireland has 166 representatives and several multipliers more of local councillors. If only Ireland wasnt Neutral, we could have a military coup. But then we’d end up with Wiley O’Dee as leader. Fabulous radio coverage this AM. Willy vs Georgie Lee. Why dont RTE do more of that instead of the staged sequence of interviews ? Suppose they’d have to rip more Radio4 off, jingles and ideas too.

More interesting text than this in the historical section of this site.

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