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Semantic Progress

September 29, 2009

Or not as the case may be. Back to the old question of NE extraction. Cant get Gate to work (NPE). ML doesnt seem to work. JAPE is a bit of a pain, and doesnt have much support if any for nested annotations. And Im not a cunning  linguist. Once Ive banged my head against a wall enough I’ll try asking for help, although support looks scant – must check again. Pity.

MinorThird half works but the analysis and validation always returns zero scores. Downloaded latest version out of svn tonight, will check tomorrow if it fixes things. Had the same trouble with KEA. If I can get over this hurdle, or find a lib thats up-to-date,current and openSource (rather than lingPipe which inevitably if I buy into it will mean license fees), then I can get on with the ontology-thesaurus mapping, the external linking and backchaining etc etc. Or I give up, on the NE, and work on the linking for now, and come back to it. Doing my head in.

And must get to grips with the Hidden Markov Model. Just like this damnded Dell Touchpad that keeps resetting itself….

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