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Semantic Progress

October 31, 2009

Getting closer. Integrated some fixed dbpedia lod links, now looking at rest of toplevel info in repository items for possible ontology matching and lod links. Will also need a static decorator for dc publish info, and perhaps foaf links to here.

Getty AAT thesaurus looks like the job for some of the other information yet to conceptize, but there are licensing costs. Need to consider some more.

Drupal7 looks interesting, esp for up-and-running publishing needs – might be quick way to build app on top of LewisT.  Shame (for me) its in PHP!

Got to get the hosting machine set up some more: damned intel i845 graphics chip causing all kinds if issues with package installation for me. I might need something more powerful as well. we’ll see.

  • not enough time in the day !
  • Drupal7 vs ?
  • Calendering, Todo, fix SCM
  • All things RDFized
  • dc into lewist
  • foaf into lewist
  • more geonames into lewist
  • publish and be damned !
  • Getty – AAT
  • domainnames to set up
  • machine setup
  • openVirtuoso, pubby, sesame ? jena repos with ARQ ?
  • HI2111 – elphin, dunraven, newspaper.
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