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Semantic Publish

March 11, 2010

Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Ireland goes live at Archive Link : http://uoccou.endofinternet.net:8080/resources/sparql.html

No Ads !

Map output for Lewist Topographical Dictionary

Map display of freetext Query results

  • Quick reports on location, population, peers, natural resources, and road links, regex name matching
  • Full text per entry
  • Entry metadata properties and facets
  • Entry cross references
  • Entry type, parent and children
  • Full text search, straight and fuzzy
  • SPARQL endpoint
  • Application level links to dbPedia, Sindice, Uberblic, geonames
  • Data level owl:sameAs to dbPedia and geonames
  • Owl reasoning
  • Mapping with google maps
  • Charts with Google charts
  • Explore by jOWL

Still to come

  • Historic Maps
  • Arts and Architecture
  • Data cleansing
  • Hansard links
  • UK, Scotland, Wales
  • Parliamentary Gazeteer 1847
  • More data level and external links

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