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Starting with Sesame

October 18, 2010

Have started using Sesame2 in place of Jena for the moment, to see if I can get around some performance issues that arise when using SDB (its slow, but thats the way it is). Sesame can to some degree proxy a database (and also has persistable in memory stores ) behind a http connection. Now Im not sure that using http and sesame libraries to talk to mysql is going to be any faster than Jena and SDB but if its not theres the in-memory-behind-http fallback position that you dont have with Jena’s TDB. And Sesame has BigData as well, so if theres a need to replicate and/or cluster theres an avenue to follow. Thats not to say there arent differences, pros and cons between them – so heres a quick summary

jena sesame
ontology handling ontology views federated sail ? Otherwise limited RDFS inference
inference forward and back chained forward and back chained
sparql ARQ extensions no extensions – eg no count”
database SDB mysql/oracle/postgres in httpd repo – no ontology capabiity ?
endpoint joseki http repo / workbench – changing in Sesame3
console joseki query/construct form – output xml,json select, prefixes, load, choose repo
data load TDB and SDB have bulkloader scripts SWB has load pages. Cant load a dir of files
API, libs full sparql, and Model, assemblies | JenaBean and others sparql, serql, model and SAIL | Empire, Elmo, AliBaba
Federation SERVICE keyword in query federated sail ?
Scale No replication support in TDB. Use SDB with database replication. BigData
concurrency MRSW for TDB (Concurrent updates not possible), MRSW for inMem, native
ACID based when SDB used with connection pooling ACID based when SDB used
support forums forum
licensing HP with Apache components but in flux – Moving to BSD Style with Apache components
Apache Incubator ? (Nov 2010) http://www.openrdf.org/license.jsp
website http://www.openjena.org/ http://www.openrdf.org/
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