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Getting UML from java code in Eclipse 3.5

November 8, 2010

This should be easier 😦

I had used omondo a couple of years back but trying to install again proved to be too painful. Had to download a complete new eclipse+plugin combo for evaluation purposes and then it wouldnt start – eclipse gave a helpful “error=-1”.

Tried MaintainJ – had looked at a while ago – but couldnt get the plugins to work because my AspectJ code used v7 and it wanted v6. Gave up.

MyEclipseIDE – looks like it has it all including an update url, but it depends on Mozilla XUL 1.9.07 which doesnt seem to be available. Installing 1.9.17 didnt help. Eventually downloaded the the v9 beta (full install of several hundred mB) and imported the projects I needed, right clicked to the MyEclipse menu in the UML2 perspective, and followed the prompts. Right click on diagram to export to JPG. Have not investigated round tripping or sequence diagrams yet – to follow, when I need. But then I restarted it, and it never stops starting. Still I got one diagram from it !

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