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EC2 kills OutOfMemory processes

November 25, 2010

Just noticed a jetty instance I have running on my Amazon EC2 micro instance has been killed (dmesg revealed all). The JVM requested more memory than the amount available, and instead of getting a hung process and exception trace in any logs, it zapped it.

  • Is this Xen doing or Ubuntu doing this ?
  • Can I be informed when it happens, without mounting clound monitoring costs ?

It is highlighting that my t1.micro instance just doesnt have enough memory available to handle Joseki with a small TDB repository and Tomcat with a native Sesame repository. Have to move Joseki off to another instance and get CORS or JSONP working in a Servlet filter on Jetty by the looks of it. Or stump up the cash for a m1.small instance. Maybe I could persuade the IMF to help me out.

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