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Google Fund Social Network Semantic Research at DERI

December 16, 2010

An announcement today [1] that Google will fund a team led by Dr Alexandre Passant [2] on mobile social network applications. I wonder how much it will be like my own SkyTwenty platform [3] – far from being a social networking or blogging system but a mobile location service, with anonymity, access control and data shrouding. The DERI work is apparently going to build on some Google tech – “PubSubHubbub”[4] – and DERIs own hub based mobile blogging service – SMOB[5] – v2 of which was released in Jan 2010, integrates with Sindice. Distributed storage, Git like ? What about anonymity, provenance, trust, security, and scalabilty ?

[1] http://www.siliconrepublic.com/innovation/item/19694-google-funds-semantic-web/
[2] http://www.deri.ie/about/team/member/alexandre_passant/
[3] http://skytwenty.endofinternet.net:8080/treasure/moreInfo.usp
[4] http://code.google.com/p/pubsubhubbub/
[5] http://smob.me/

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