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Turkey Brining with UMBEL

December 16, 2010

Festive season comes again. Glad I’m not doing it this year.

This post after (Harold) McGee on Food & Cooking1[1]

Immerse meat in 3-5% w/w salt solution (30-60g/kg) for a few hours – and up to 2 days. A 3% solution dissolves part of the protein structure that supports the contracting muscle filaments and a 5.5% solution partly dissolves the filaments themselves. You also get a greater water holding capacity because of the salt-protein interaction. The inward movement of salt and water also adds the flavours you might add to the solution. The meat will increase in weight by 10% or more. It works from outside in, so incomplete soaking will mean that inner muscle wont be effected so much. But because of the extra moisture and filament breakdown, even an over cooked bird can benefit.

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umbel misses, but mapped in SUMO[2] : dissolves, structure, filament, capacity, weight, soaking, moisture

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