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Wouldn’t it be good if

January 15, 2011
  • Jena had an adaptor for NoSql – CouchDB and so on [3] ? Or would it – whats the benefit here – jena already has a super simple table schema, and rdf brings its own “schema-less” information model, so would it be any better than TDB – concurrency, locking, performance, multiple writers ? A SimpleDB examination has been done with interesting results [1] is CouchDB any better ? Is RDF suitable for NoSQL in the first place ? [4].
    Would a hybrid approach like ATOMICS [5] help – denormalised tables, http interface – retain a central database and the SQL advantages and fill it with RDF ? – probably not, its really just mysql underneath, so its still going to have the performance issues.
    Neither does trying to mix up a triple or quad store on a NoSQL key-value repository seem right, even if it promises performance improvements. Prolog anyone ?
    Update March 14 2011 : Am I changing my mind ?
  • An Inbox or IMAP store FOAF analyser. Saw DataHug [2] being trumpeted again recently and wonder if what they’re doing isn’t simply possible with either a FOAF analyser (with extensions for count/frequency, response times etc) for TBird or Outlook say (backed by a persistent RDF store so it can be interfaced with sparql), or if you want corporate across inbox analyis, do it at the mail server level ?
  • I’m still waiting for the gps (and rfid/nfc, or carrier location [7]/eCall[8]) enabled eReader. [6]

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