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Column stores, Hadoop, Semantic web

November 3, 2011

Been trying to do some work on Jena, to get some column store support in there. This is all predicated on having a DBC driver to talk to the column store. Some have, some dont, but the ones that do have do seem to have minimal JDBC implementations. Either temp table support isn’t there, or things like batch support are lacking. Still, pursuing this, because the normalized schema (a simple star-ish schema) used by Jena (and Sesame iirc) seems to marry well with some of the optimisation claims the column stores make (retrieval, compressed storage, materialized views). For near read-only semantic knowledge bases, this might make a significant performance boost over row based RDBMS as semantic backends. And hadoop might come in useful here too at load stage, if RDF needs to be ETLd to some kind of loadable format, or to materialize sparql query results to column store accessible external storage. Might being the operative word I think, but there are interesting possibilties.

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