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Eircom F2000 and SIP, Blueface

February 8, 2016

Got an Eircom F2000 (rebadged Huawei HG659). Voip stopped working – blueface line dead. Have been using a Linksys Wrt54g with the older F1000 (zyxel VMG8324) for 2 years or so. Thought I had changed my line password, then got locked out of Blueface web interface. Got it after a contact to support, password was OK in fact. Some more googling led me to the problem of ALG (application level gateway) settings. First hit tells you to disable it on the internet page. But after much more googling and not seeing the wood for the trees, its actually in Internet->Portforwarding->ALG (down at the bottom of the page). Here you uncheck ALG for SIP, and this releases port 5060 again and Blueface VOIP starts working again. What a PITA.

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