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Openmediavault (omv), squid3 and webmin

July 7, 2017

Need a proxy in addition to OpenDNS for kids to provide some additional parental control.

1) Install webmin as per latest instructions. Webmin has “unused plugin” for squid3. Check it runs on http://localohost:10000. Edit /etc/webmin/config to allow for unknown referers if you get xss warnings in the UI – “referers_none=0”

2) Install squid3. I had to chown proxy:proxy on the cache dir I wanted and add it to the cache config. (not essential). Edit /etc/squid3/squid.conf

#allow localnet access
 http_access allow localnet
 acl localnet src
 #allow webmin access
 acl SSL_ports 10000
 #add blacklisted URL keywords reference file
 acl blockkeywords regex_url /etc/squid3/keywords.txt
 #add MAC addresses to apply to
 acl sysmacs arp /etc/squid3/mac_addrs.txt
 #combine keywords and MAC for denial
 https_access deny blockkeywords sysmacs

Now, restart (sudo service squid3 restart) or apply the config in webmin.

3) Test – you should get a squid3 access denied page when you use your keywords on the machines with the configured MAC addresses. If you have trouble, back things out and start to test one-by-one. Dont forget to add the proxy config to your browser, or the wifi connection in android (long press -> modify ->manual proxy config).

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