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Pineapple and Sweetcorn Ketchup

February 11, 2017 2 comments

Maybe not a ketchup, maybe a relish, maybe something else pasty and tasty !

(You’ll be swizzing at the end so dont bother with the extreme chopping or fake mortaring.)

Salt, chili, garlic, pineapple, sweetcorn kernels, star anise, water, sugar.

Saute salt and garlic to taste. Add a chili – I used a red one, and should have used a half instead I think, but I like it hot – don’t you?

Add pineapple and sweetcorn – I started with equal parts but added more sweetcorn in the end. Some water, or if you are using canned pineapple like I was (that Hawaiian pizza was nice too), add some juice. If not, I suppose some sugar might be good (white not brown or you’ll be overwhelmed. Add a star anise. Simmer until soft, and then some. Swizz a lot with your handheld swizzer.



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Don’t shallow fry Falaffels

January 30, 2017 Comments off

Because they crumble and die…..

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Pork and Noodles

June 11, 2016 Comments off

Marinade (or coat if you dont have time) minced pork in a mixture of 2 tablespoons each of cornflour, fish sauce, soy sauce (dark and light to give it some colour), oyster sauce; a chopped chili, a couple of cloves of garlic, some chopped ginger – it should be fairly wet and not too thick, perhaps like consistency of single cream.

Boil water for noodles.

Wok on high, starting cooking mince – it will clump together because of the cornflour. Add some thinly sliced white cabbage/bean-sprouts/brocolli even – whatever you like with pork. Garnish with chopped redpepper, coriander, sesame seed and oil, lime juice.

Mix with noodles, serve.


Smoked whitefish salad

May 24, 2016 Comments off


poach – water and star anise


lettuce/green leaf, shredded

red pepper, thin slice matchstick
black olive, sliced
orange/nectarine/peach, thin slice/mandolin
one lemon – zest


mustard powder

half lemon juice


combine, done.


Feta Spinach Pastry

May 12, 2016 Comments off

Supermarche puff pastry, spinach, feta, nutmeg

Oven at 180-200c

Sweat a bunch of spinach – or about 200g frozen

A 200-250 pack of Feta, diced.

Mix, add nutmeg to taste

lay on unrolled pastry in 2 lines, fold over with egg wash etc

poke with fork for air

egg wash

in oven for 15-20 mins


Anchovy Asian salad

May 12, 2016 Comments off

Aide memoire recipe


Olive oil, lemon juice to volume and taste
1 crushed garlic clove
couple of dried birdseye chilis

Veg body

Blanche some sliced and sized green stuff – brocolli and fennel I used
I added some egg leftover from eggwash on the Feta-Spinach pastries I made – fried into an omelette then diced, mini size
Anchovies and oil chopped mini size all over. (2 x 15g tins ?!)
Some sesame seed and oil


Semantic Food & Beverages

February 25, 2011 2 comments

Google do semantic recipe search apparently [1-3] and a university in New York does a Semantic Sommelier [4]. Interesting – yes, but I want more info !

What ontology and what vocabulary is being used – tap[5], pips[9] ? food[7], hrecipe[6] – or other microformats [8] ? How about Umbel or Yago ? Any chance of a link for the explanation of the sommelier app – would love to know more about it and see it, rather than just some PR ? Do they link to other datasets, so that if I pick a wine or a recipe I can find things that go with the flavours and aromas, see photos, maybe learn the history, culture, location and science/tech of the recipe ? Hell, commercialisation here I come, perhaps I want to know what stores in my area have the ingredients, or stock the wine, with other related produce and offers ? And if a celeb chef happens to endorse it, then maybe I’ll go and but their set of cookware for christmas. (Or I’ll go/link to Amazon and get it cheaper, if they use the same vocabulary…)

If I search for Sausages and you have a recipe for “Bangers and Mash” do I get a recipe snippet or result fraction ? If I search for Mash and you have a blog post about creating a web page from lots of parts of other pages, does it show up ? How about if I search for a French Classic recipe – do I not find results for pages that describe the same thing but in English, German or Japanese ?

This semantic web thing needs to get out there, so you can taste it.