Semantic Web

Smart Economy


  • NLP – tools and reference compilations needed. Apply.
  • Gazeteers/Vocabulary – lots of terms, words, thesauri need to be structured  – universal language. Verticals – whats XYZ ? – find out, define it – write it down – Books of Kells all over again.
  • Internationalisation – you say potato, I say pmme-d-trr.
  • Location – tag it WGS84, link it = cash

Its more value add than i18n/l10n/c13y – and it doesnt require PhDs to implement – it does need PhDs to define and scope and debate, but lets get going !

Semantic Web Conference

Why has Ireland not had a Semantic Web or Linked Open Data conference yet ? We have the research and the cash, we have the technologists (they may not know it yet). Do we need some “local representatives” to get on board ? How do we do that ?

Semantic WebApps

I’ve been writing a series of articles in 2010, and now 2011, about creating Semantic web applications with RDF, OWL, Sparql, Spring, Spring Security, OpenID, Jena, Sesame among others, and relates the what, how and which I encountered in creating 2 semantic web applications. The articles cover the tools and technologies, the requirements and treatment, architecture, security, syndication and linking, performance and scaling.


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