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Boonex Dolphin – non default port

November 19, 2016 Comments off

Not using port 80 on my install and want to change to another – eg 8888 – for https/ssl/tls access. Support forums say change $site[‘url’] in to https from http – but the port number is also hardcoded in the redirect url config where it sets the Location http header, further down the config file. So for now, I have changed this to also hardcode the port to 8888 instead of 80.

if ( isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]) and 0 != strcasecmp($_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’], $aUrl[‘host’]) and 0 != strcasecmp($_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’], $aUrl[‘host’] . ‘:8081’) ) {

To get modules to install I also had to chmod 775 the lot !

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