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Skytwenty Up (was Skytwenty Down)

May 10, 2011 Comments off

Apologies, but Skytwenty on Amazon is partially down at the moment it seems, not accepting login or registration, or successfully making calls to Umbel. I’m travelling at the moment and dont have the certs to login to Amazon, so cannot remedy it at the moment. Mail me here if you need more information in the interim.

June 18 – should have updated this a long time ago : SkyTwenty not down, I just burned a few brain cells and forgot the login id I had setup. Still, there are some bugs that need fixing and a new deployment is really long overdue…

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Amazon EC2 t1.micro swizz !

January 6, 2011 5 comments

Just got my bill from Amazon for the 2 instances Im running and find Ive been charged for 728 hours on one of them – I thought this was supposed to be free for a year ! Reading again the small print (ugh) it seems you are entitled to 750 hours free, but it doesn’t explicitely say per instance. So – it seems its per account and you can run as many instances as you like and use a total of 750 hours across them in total before you get charged. Then again, I suppose thats reasonable enough – Amazon wouldn’t want to have every SME in the world running in the cloud for free, for a year when you could be getting cash from them, would you ? I must have been in a daze 🙂

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