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Politicans per capita in EU member states

December 8, 2010 3 comments

I was looking for an interesting query to use as the basis for a quick SPARQL in Drupal7 page, and given Ireland’s “austerity” (aka hairshirt) budget yesterday and our glorious IMF bailout,  I was minded to create a query ranking number of members of houses of legislature in each country against population.

The query took a long time because its very difficult to ascertain the field names from the dbpedia infobox fields, the dbpedia properties and ontology, and the variations in field usage per country, the apparent disconnect (for a human) between a topic and what might be exected as property. I for instance was expecting to be able see a reference to the house of parliament on each country’s page, but its in fact a little more organised than that 🙂

In the end the easiest way to do this is to open up the SPARQL endpoint [1], for example a wiki page about a country, then find an URI for a dbpedia resource for a country. I ended up using the Czech Republic URI [2].

After much tooing-and-froing the query I came up with the query below. Strangely, some countries have recorded populations that this query doesnt find (eg Germany – simplify the query and take a look).  It’s a bit rough around the edges but the evidence is clear [1] : Ireland is over-represented in legislature.

  • Anyone have any opinions why Ireland is over-represented ?
  • Is the situation similar at local level ?
  • Why doe the query not pick up dbpprop:populationEstimate for Germany ?
SELECT ?s ?t ?estPop ?estPopYear ?cenPop ?cenPopYear ?house ?n (?estPop/?n) as ?estPerCapita (?cenPop/?n) as ?cenPerCapita
?s ?p <> .
?t skos:subject ?s .
?t rdf:type dbpedia-owl:Country .

?b skos:broader ?s .
?house skos:subject ?b .
?house dbpedia-owl:numberOfMembers ?n .

?t dbpprop:populationEstimate ?estPop .
?t dbpprop:populationCensus ?cenPop .
?t dbpprop:populationEstimateYear ?estPopYear .
?t dbpprop:populationCensusYear ?cenPopYear .

order by ?t





North Korean news web site

June 28, 2010 Comments off

Just came across a website called about North Korea. Looks good and seems well put together. We need more sites like this to spread the word.

Time to defect ?

April 23, 2010 Comments off

Now that Ireland is officially a financial basketcase, I thought again about emigrating like I did in the 80’s when Charlie Haughey had the country in a midden. But where to go, and how to register dissatisfaction ?  Could I change my emigrate and change my nationality ? Or perhaps a more headline grabbing, petulant and downright in-your-face solution would be to defect. Where to ?

How unpatriotic is it to leave a county thats been murdered by politicians,  greed and “I’m alright jack” ? Would I be better to stay and fix it, even when my taxes go to bail out the criminals who got us into the mess, and who by connection to the government are acting treasonably ? Is this seditious ?

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All change

September 16, 2009 Comments off

New boss at work ? Changes in the corp ? What does it all mean ?
Meanwhile, the dog at home stays in for hours, and accomplishes a clean sheet, literally. Other homies getting to grips with change too. NAMA sucks us dry for generations. We need a revolution. 6m people in Birmingham. 6 MPs. Ireland has 166 representatives and several multipliers more of local councillors. If only Ireland wasnt Neutral, we could have a military coup. But then we’d end up with Wiley O’Dee as leader. Fabulous radio coverage this AM. Willy vs Georgie Lee. Why dont RTE do more of that instead of the staged sequence of interviews ? Suppose they’d have to rip more Radio4 off, jingles and ideas too.

More interesting text than this in the historical section of this site.