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Tagsifter and XMarks

November 2, 2009 Comments off

Finally got around to getting XMarks set up for a local server, and tagsifter into a new install of Firefox 3.5

  • Setup webdav on apache server with https (self-signed : manual page browse, make sure server name in VirtualHost matches company name in cert). You dont need webdav, but Im using it for other reasons.
  • Xmarks BYOS :
  1. Backup current bookmarks.
  2. Get XMarks BYOS extension installed
  3. restart
  4. manually navigate to location on server where xmarks will be pointed, so that FF can complain about self signed cert and you can override with an exception.
  5. configure XMarks to that location and sync

if youve got lots of bookmarks, you prob dont want to have auto sync on because it seems to cause trouble – at least on my vista FireFox install.

  • TagSifter 4.14 – ATM its not “compatible” with FF 3.5 – because the manifest/install.rdf in the extension says so. So – if you are upgrading from 3.0 and have Tagsifter installed just change this (while FF is NOT running) and you should then be ok. (See below). If you installed 3.5 fresh and want tagsifter youve got some more messing to do.
  1. In about:config add a new BOOLEAN property: extensions.checkCompatibility. Set to false. You’ll need to leave it like this as long as you want Tagsifter as otherwise FF will disable it on restart. If you mess up this property like I did, and need to delete it, right click and choose Reset, then restart. FF will zap it. Make sure you spell compatabolityee correctly 🙂
  2. Restart FF
  3. If youre using FF3.5 go to the Tagsifter archive and download last version.
  4. Stop FF.
  5. On Vista locate install.rdf in /home/AppData/Mozilla/Firefox/Roaming/{3b…..}. Change line 8 to em:maxVersion="3.5.*" />
  6. Restart FF.
  7. Check View->Sidebar for Tagsifter item.


Update Feb 2011

Now using Mozilla Weave/Sync in place of Xmarks (doesn’t work with your own server, its in the mozilla cloud), and Tagsieve [2], a replacement for Tagsifter.